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With this program the users can find wasted space
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Disk Space Finder is a nice utility for maintaining your system's health. The application will monitor your file system and index all your files. When you open Disk Space Finder, it will scan those files and create graphs that tell you exactly how much space is used on your hard drive. Unlike other disk analyzers, Disk Space Finder will actually look inside your folders and show you the space usage therefrom. So, if you happen to go to Program Files with Disk Space Finder, you will find exactly how much space is used by Programs, how much space is used by Program Files, how much space Microsoft Games use, and so on. That is a nice feature that I would like other applications to have. Thus, if I am having a space shortage, I can just go ahead and see that Ages of Empires 1 is still there taking a lot of room and uninstall it. The application is simple but the graphical user interface looks polished and well-thought. Disk Space Finder won't do anything about your space issues, but will help you determine where to look for files to delete.

José Fernández
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